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I’m currently pushing the source code for my scripts to GitHub; while many of the scripts were publicly available already, I thought it might be useful to show the script history. It’s taking a while to build these up, but as I get through them they’re up at:

Please note that I’m including everything this time, which includes both the documentation and the images used for advertising. Probably excessive, but I can’t be bothered removing them!


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Okay, lets be honest, it’s not like I’ve been in-world much for the last few months, anyway. However, I’m formally leaving the Second Life® virtual world (hope I got that last bit right, and legal are happy). This isn’t some huge throwing all my toys out of the pram kind of affair, I’m not in any ruling out coming back, but I am going to be mostly out of SL for the next 18+ months. I’ve got a few months left on my rentals, and I’ll probably extend those further to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. I’ll still be around for the day job occasionally (it’s mostly a lack of personal free time that’s getting in the way). I’ll definitely be working in OpenSim as part of the day job, although not sure that really helps anyone. Sites I run will remain up indefinitely (that includes this one).

Okay, so that’s the bad news. The good news is, I’m releasing all my scripts as open source (BSD licensed). For copies in-world, you can get all of my released scripts from XStreetSL at If you want copies for use in other virtual worlds, or after I take down my XStreetSL boxes, you can get the scripts at – I’ve only got a few up right now, but more will be coming, including a few unreleased scripts for anyone who wants to try working with them. I’m also releasing all the stuff I’ve worked with, including sign images (the fonts used are Honey I Stole Your Jumper and WC Mano Negra Bta – you’ll need both to make the images render correctly), documentation source for PDF documentation (you’ll need LaTeX), etc.

In terms of support; if you paid for the script, you get support. I’ll be on e-mail. If you didn’t pay for the script, sorry, no luck. The biggest reason I’m leaving SL is lack of time, so I’m really sorry but no I’m not going to take on support requests for freebie scripts.

Lastly, the ranty bit; while the main reason I’m leaving SL is time, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the recent firings of the Lindens heading up basically every project that interested me, chief amongst them Babbage, who was heading up C# scripting, Whump and Zero on interoperability, and Pink on the new marketplace. I personally have little or no faith in the direction LL is driving SL at the moment, and certainly no interest in the product they appear to want to sell. As I said earlier, this isn’t a huge ending thing, I may well be back if things change, but certainly it would be unlikely if the current path continues.

Hope you all enjoy the scripts! I’ll try to update this blog occasionally as I get through milestones in other projects.


Efficient resizer HUD script pack (FREE!)

This is a pair of scripts (one for the HUD, one for the receiving object) to make a HUD-driven re-sizer. Unlike most re-sizers, this doesn’t need one script per prim, instead using the new LSL methods introduced in server 1.38 to use just two scripts in total. This means lower memory usage, which means lower lag, as well as less scripts to be stored when teleporting.

Oh, and it’s free.

Okay, it’s free and full perms.

Really, why are you still reading this? Get a copy, give it to your friends, e-mail me to tell me what I’ve forgotten to add and I’ll get an update out in a week or two with all the bits I never thought of until you asked for them.

Available free on XStreetSL:

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Prices updated

Okay, just a few price drops in the end:

You may also note we’ve got new signage coming out that’s hopefully a little clearer (and removes the price, so it’s much easier to change later). Haven’t got time to get all products done, but I am working on it.

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XStreetSL de-listing first pass done

I’ve just gone through the sales statistics on my XStreetSL items and massacred the worst sellers. The PayPal vendors never took off, so the demo and basic versions are gone. The phase doors that two people bought, are gone. I could list the other 18 items we’ve dropped, but really I don’t think anyone will miss them.

The next pass will be to drop down the number of freebies. The various door demos (which are perfectly functional if you don’t need to re-sell) will stay, in a merged pack. All other demos will be in-world only (just as soon as I’ve made up displays for them). Out of the true freebies (as in, not demoing a more expensive product), only the basic prim counter will stay available. I’m going to cover the listing fee for it because I think it’s something everyone should have. Other freebies you might want to grab while you can:

Lastly, a lot of the cheaper items are going to get further price cuts (the L$500+ items are mostly tried and tested, and I’m happy with sales at their current prices), or merged into packs. More on that once I’ve had a chance to sit down and figure out the price points I want to move everything to.

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XStreetSL Listing Policy Changes

If you haven’t read the blog post on managing freebies (and cheapies) on XStreetSL, you may want to. I’ll summarise:

  • L$99/month to list freebies
  • L$10/month to list anything else
  • L$3 minimum transaction cost (so L$1/L$2 items cost the merchant to deliver)

What does this mean for me? Well, keeping all the freebies and demos individually listed isn’t terribly practical – that’s about half my items, so would cost me in the region of L$2,600/month (which is a fairly big lump of my total income. I’ll also be de-listing poorly selling items. This is pretty much what I believe these charges are intended to do.

Freebies will be going up in my shop in-world ASAP. Which means over the weekend, with a little luck. Demos will be merging together into a big “Xugu’s bumper box of demos” single item listing. Items you didn’t want to buy anyway will be disappearing from XStreetSL.

Disappointed there isn’t a freebie-only website for stuff that’s given away genuinely for free, but nevermind. I might have to see if I can push stuff out to the GNUbie Store and similar…

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Single person dance/poseball with access control

Just pushed a massive update to my single person danceball (also usable as a poseball) out. This is a full perms freebie, so there’s no excuse to not just go grab yourself a copy from XStreetSL at The script is used to drive a danceball that you sit on to dance. It automatically cycles through animations in prim inventory (some random freebie dances are included to get you going). Interesting features include:

  • Dance change time “wobbles” so that it’s not every 30 seconds, but more every 25-35 seconds.
  • Notecard configurable
  • Access control – can limit access to owner only, residents with the same active group as the prim, or allow everyone. Also supports whitelist/blackist to allow overriding access controls on a per-avatar basis.

Did I mention it’s free?

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Synchronized prim color cycler demo

Just released a demo version of an old script of mine. This was a custom request, for someone who really wanted their eyes to change color, but would also be ideally suited to making dance floors/dance balls, fingernails, or anything else where you want to change multiple (optionally unlinked) prims through a variety of colors. Extremely simple to use, drop the script (and a configuration notecard to tell it what colors to use) into the prims to have their colors synchronized, then either take the prims into inventory and re-rez, or reset the scripts to start color playback.

Limitations to scripting mean that perfect synchronization is essentially impossible. The more scripts that attempt to synchronize to each other, the more obvious any timing differences will be. I would therefore suggest not trying to synchronize more than about 5-6 scripts together (multiple sets of 5-6 scripts are fine, though).

The demo is fully featured except that it’s copy only (instead of full perms). Both it and the main script are only available from XStreetSL.

Free Demo:

Full version (L$125):

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Single prim freebie giver

Just released a new freebie based on my single prim vendor script; it’s a freebie giver designed to deliver a selection of products using only one prim. Items are arranged into sets of up to 8, sharing a single (very large) texture between all items in a set, with the script only revealing 1/8th of the texture at a time. Using a single texture in this manner means that changing between different items within the same set is extremely quick as there is no need to load a new texture.

Features include:

  • Notecard configuration.
  • Set a landmark and/or notecard to deliver with every product.
  • Products are delivered to the customer as folders.

What’s in the box?

  • Full perms single prim freebie giver script
  • Full and detailed documentation
  • Pre-made sample vendor to get you started
  • Template texture to fill in when creating textures for the vendor.

Grab it for free from XStreetSL:

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Visitor counter with e-mail report

Just released a visitor counter, intended to track the number of avatars entering an area. The script is supplied full perms, and can be used in other products (for example prefab shops), but is not to be sold with both copy and transfer permissions left enabled. All configuration of the script is done by notecard, and its features include:

  • Volume detect for low lag and rapid detection of avatars.
  • E-mail reports containing total visitors, plus names of all avatars who have visited since the past report.
  • Reports sent automatically by timer or low memory (so it never loses avatar details), or manually by owner touching the prim.
  • Ignores avatars repeatedly arriving during a short period of time (defaults to one hour, configurable for longer).

It uses “volume detect” to pick up avatars, which is very low lag, very fast, but only picks up avatars who touch the prim the script is in. This makes it ideal for use in a phantom (intangible) prim placed over the “Landing Point” for a parcel, where it will automatically pick up avatars as they teleport in.

Would be well suited for use in a club, shop, or other venue where you need to track traffic statistics.

What’s in the box?

  • Pre-built full perms visitor counter – just position, put e-mail address the included notecard, set it transparent (instructions included) and you’re good to go.
  • Full and detailed documentation – and of course we support our products in case you find something we haven’t thought of.

Get it now at XStreetSL for just L$125:

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