Howto: Texture UUIDs in Second Life

Driven by some of the searches bringing people to my blog, and the fact that I just put out a wildly popular freebie texture UUID extractor, I thought I’d write a howto on texture UUIDs in Second Life.

First of all, what do I mean a texture UUID? A UUID is a Universally Unique Identifier , so a texture UUID is a unique identifier for a texture. It can be used, via LSL, to set the texture on a prim without having the texture in prim inventory. I see the main legitimate use of this as allowing scripts to set textures on unlinked prims without having to pass the texture around (instead passing “by reference”). It does, unfortunately, also see a lot of use as part of Copybot and similar tools; if you can get a texture’s UUID, you can use it anywhere you like.

So how do you get a texture UUID? Well, LSL provides two methods for doing this; either get the key from a texture in prim inventory, or from a texture on the side of a prim. Both require full perms; on the texture if it’s in inventory, or on the prim if it’s got the texture on one side.

This is where my pet freebie comes in. Drop it, and full perm textures, into a prim together. Click your prim, and it will write out a list of the texture UUIDs, preformatted for inclusion in a script.



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