PayPal vendors now available

The first two PayPal™ vendors are now available to buy in-world and from XStreetSL. In short, the versions are:

  • Basic: L$375, PayPal only (can’t take L$), one transaction at a time, configured by chat
  • Pro: L$750, PayPal and L$ vendor, concurrent transaction support, configured by notecard

You can buy them both at my new store being built at, or from XStreetSL at (basic vendor) and (pro vendor).

These vendors allow you to take payments by PayPal(tm) or credit card (processed through PayPal), and have products in-world automatically delivered on receipt of payment. This has several advantages:

  • Customers don’t have to buy L$ and then buy your product, they can use their credit card directly.
  • For institutional customers (education, business, etc.) PayPal is likely to be much more compatible with their existing purchasing procedures.
  • Money arrives directly in your account in your currency of choice.
  • PayPal generates detailed receipts for both vendor and customer.

To use, customers click the vendor and are given a URL to complete the transaction, which they click in chat. This brings up a PayPay login page. The customer logs in, confirms the payment, and the vendor receives payment notification directly, and delivers the item.

There are drawbacks to PayPal, however. First of all, as with any method of making real money (for example, “cashing out”) from Second Life, use of this vendor may make you liable for income taxes and similar on money earnt. You should look into these matters for yourself, as I am not qualified to provide advice.

Secondly, PayPal will charge you fees on each payment received. The amounts depend on both your country and that of the purchaser. You can look up fees on PayPal’s website. For payments to the US, see: and for the UK,

You can realistically expect to pay $0.30+3.9% per transaction. Given this, it’s strongly recommended that you do not use this vendor for items cheaper than approximately $1.50. While these are very high fees compared to transactions in SL, or even on XStreetSL, they should be offset by higher sales from people not having to decide to convert money before they can buy from your store.

What’s In The Pack

Both vendors contain loosely the same components:

  • PayPal vendor script – with copy and modify permissions so you can even read the code; why trust a closed source product with your money?
  • Full and detailed documentation – and of course we support our products in case you find something we haven’t thought of
  • PayPal acceptance sign (subject to PayPal’s license on usage)
  • A sample vendor to get your started

What’s NOT In The Pack

A PayPal account; I’d strongly suggest that you have a PayPal account and have it associated with a bank account or credit card BEFORE you buy this vendor. No refunds will be given if you can’t get an account or have it disabled.

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