So Xugu, how much do you make?

After the realisation last night that it’s going to be more cost effective for me to not sell the PayPal™ vendors, I thought I’d go over my accounts and find out exactly how my SL store is doing. I hope to also demonstrate why it would cost me more in admin costs to sell the vendors, than I am likely to make from selling them. Lets give some details about my business in SL to start with. I sell scripts (some with objects as example, but mostly just pure scripts) in SL, for L$. I’ve been doing this for about a year, but am focusing on this year to date (2009) because I’ve invested more time and effort. I have in-world and XStreetSL presences, although XStreetSL accounts for the majority of my sales.

I’m going to focus here on in-world only, and only on transactions that are business related (by which I mean I’ve spent half the afternoon clearing out my own purchases from the transaction logs). Records are essentially year to date, and all figures are in L$. Figures are precise enough for my curiosity, but are not exact.

Chart of income and expenditure year to date 2009.

Chart of income and expenditure year to date 2009.

In short, that means I made about L$6,000 more on in-world sales than I paid in rent, but made L$117,000 in XStreetSL sales. Expenses primarily consists of image upload costs. This gives me a typical monthly profit of about L$19,500, or about $75 USD if it were converted to real money. I pay $27.50 USD in web hosting, leaving me with a theoretical (because I’m not pulling profit out of SL) $47.50/month. Assuming about a 80 hour/month investment, that’s a little over $0.50/hour. Before I start talking about cost of hardware.

Can I have a pay rise please?

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