Beacon teleporter

Just finished up an age-old project of mine, a grid-wide (map) teleporter that is configured by a beacon which is rezzed or carried in-world. When the teleport pad is rezzed initially, it rezzes a beacon above it. Take that beacon into inventory, teleport to where you want the destination to be, and rez it. Or attach it to yourself, and the teleport pad will automatically update as you travel through SL.

Once the teleport pad is set up, residents can use it by clicking on it. This brings up the map window, in which they should click the “Teleport” button to take them to the selected destination.

This would be ideal for:

  • Teleporting customers from satellite stores to a main store.
  • Helping do tours of SL (attach the beacon to yourself and people can teleport along with you)
  • Teleporting a group to a new venue (rez the pad, grab the beacon, drop it at the next venue and everyone can teleport along).

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