Single prim freebie giver

Just released a new freebie based on my single prim vendor script; it’s a freebie giver designed to deliver a selection of products using only one prim. Items are arranged into sets of up to 8, sharing a single (very large) texture between all items in a set, with the script only revealing 1/8th of the texture at a time. Using a single texture in this manner means that changing between different items within the same set is extremely quick as there is no need to load a new texture.

Features include:

  • Notecard configuration.
  • Set a landmark and/or notecard to deliver with every product.
  • Products are delivered to the customer as folders.

What’s in the box?

  • Full perms single prim freebie giver script
  • Full and detailed documentation
  • Pre-made sample vendor to get you started
  • Template texture to fill in when creating textures for the vendor.

Grab it for free from XStreetSL:

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