Single prim vendor

I’m expanding my range of vendor scripts, and have just release a single prim vendor. This is a vendor script designed to sell several products using only one prim (ideal for stores that are already near their prim limit). Products are arranged into sets of up to 8 products, using a single (very large) texture for all products in a set, with the script only revealing 1/8th of the texture at a time. Using a single texture in this manner means that changing between different products within the same set is extremely quick as there is no need to load a new texture.

Features include:

  • Pay commission to another avatar whenever a sale is made.
  • Optional reporting of sales to the owner.
  • “Locks” to a single customer at a time to avoid problems with payments being made while another customer is changing displayed product.
  • Notecard configuration.
  • Set a landmark and/or notecard to deliver with every product.
  • Products are delivered to the customer as folders.

You can see the texture template needed for this vendor at; please note that Firefox renders the image far too big, IE won’t render it at all because it’s an abomination, but it should work great in Photoshop/GIMP/Illustrator.

The script ships full perms (for resale with only either copy or transfer permissions, not both), and would be ideal for mall owners wishing to provide free vendors to their renters. Buy it now from XStreetSL or in-world from my store in Sunweaver Air.

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