Synchronized prim color cycler demo

Just released a demo version of an old script of mine. This was a custom request, for someone who really wanted their eyes to change color, but would also be ideally suited to making dance floors/dance balls, fingernails, or anything else where you want to change multiple (optionally unlinked) prims through a variety of colors. Extremely simple to use, drop the script (and a configuration notecard to tell it what colors to use) into the prims to have their colors synchronized, then either take the prims into inventory and re-rez, or reset the scripts to start color playback.

Limitations to scripting mean that perfect synchronization is essentially impossible. The more scripts that attempt to synchronize to each other, the more obvious any timing differences will be. I would therefore suggest not trying to synchronize more than about 5-6 scripts together (multiple sets of 5-6 scripts are fine, though).

The demo is fully featured except that it’s copy only (instead of full perms). Both it and the main script are only available from XStreetSL.

Free Demo:

Full version (L$125):

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