Visitor counter with e-mail report

Just released a visitor counter, intended to track the number of avatars entering an area. The script is supplied full perms, and can be used in other products (for example prefab shops), but is not to be sold with both copy and transfer permissions left enabled. All configuration of the script is done by notecard, and its features include:

  • Volume detect for low lag and rapid detection of avatars.
  • E-mail reports containing total visitors, plus names of all avatars who have visited since the past report.
  • Reports sent automatically by timer or low memory (so it never loses avatar details), or manually by owner touching the prim.
  • Ignores avatars repeatedly arriving during a short period of time (defaults to one hour, configurable for longer).

It uses “volume detect” to pick up avatars, which is very low lag, very fast, but only picks up avatars who touch the prim the script is in. This makes it ideal for use in a phantom (intangible) prim placed over the “Landing Point” for a parcel, where it will automatically pick up avatars as they teleport in.

Would be well suited for use in a club, shop, or other venue where you need to track traffic statistics.

What’s in the box?

  • Pre-built full perms visitor counter – just position, put e-mail address the included notecard, set it transparent (instructions included) and you’re good to go.
  • Full and detailed documentation – and of course we support our products in case you find something we haven’t thought of.

Get it now at XStreetSL for just L$125:

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