XStreetSL de-listing first pass done

I’ve just gone through the sales statistics on my XStreetSL items and massacred the worst sellers. The PayPal vendors never took off, so the demo and basic versions are gone. The phase doors that two people bought, are gone. I could list the other 18 items we’ve dropped, but really I don’t think anyone will miss them.

The next pass will be to drop down the number of freebies. The various door demos (which are perfectly functional if you don’t need to re-sell) will stay, in a merged pack. All other demos will be in-world only (just as soon as I’ve made up displays for them). Out of the true freebies (as in, not demoing a more expensive product), only the basic prim counter will stay available. I’m going to cover the listing fee for it because I think it’s something everyone should have. Other freebies you might want to grab while you can:

Lastly, a lot of the cheaper items are going to get further price cuts (the L$500+ items are mostly tried and tested, and I’m happy with sales at their current prices), or merged into packs. More on that once I’ve had a chance to sit down and figure out the price points I want to move everything to.

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