XStreetSL Listing Policy Changes

If you haven’t read the blog post on managing freebies (and cheapies) on XStreetSL, you may want to. I’ll summarise:

  • L$99/month to list freebies
  • L$10/month to list anything else
  • L$3 minimum transaction cost (so L$1/L$2 items cost the merchant to deliver)

What does this mean for me? Well, keeping all the freebies and demos individually listed isn’t terribly practical – that’s about half my items, so would cost me in the region of L$2,600/month (which is a fairly big lump of my total income. I’ll also be de-listing poorly selling items. This is pretty much what I believe these charges are intended to do.

Freebies will be going up in my shop in-world ASAP. Which means over the weekend, with a little luck. Demos will be merging together into a big “Xugu’s bumper box of demos” single item listing. Items you didn’t want to buy anyway will be disappearing from XStreetSL.

Disappointed there isn’t a freebie-only website for stuff that’s given away genuinely for free, but nevermind. I might have to see if I can push stuff out to the GNUbie Store and similar…

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