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Parcel radio tuner script – L$50



This is a parcel radio “tuning” script, which provides a dialog menu of owner-picked stations (up to 12) to users. Has full access control; default access can be owner-only, group, or everyone, and that can then be modified by whitelisting or blacklisting individual avatars. The script is supplied full perms for resale as part of radio objects (but not for resale with copy & transfer permissions).

PLEASE NOTE: The owner of the radio object MUST be the owner of the land the radio is on, for this to work. If the land is deeded to a group, the object must be deeded to the same group. See the LSL command for details.

This would be well suited to a club environment, where the owner puts down this radio to allow club staff to change media stream, but there are plenty of other uses too (personal use radio with a few favourite channels, for example).


To get started, copy the script and the supplied Configuration notecard into your radio object. It will load the notecard, which provides two sample radio stations and sets the access permissions to “everyone”. Click the radio to bring up the dialog menu, then click a radio station name to “retune” to it.


To reconfigure the radio, edit the included notecard. Lets start with the supplied notecard as an example:

whitelist=Xugu Madison
blacklist=Doctor Evil
station=Sanitarium FM

Line by line, this example:

  • Sets the access control to “everyone”, as opposed to “owner” or “group”. Please note that for group access; the user’s ACTIVE (as in the one in the tag above their name) must match the group of the radio object.
  • Whitelists Xugu Madison (myself); this doesn’t make a difference with the access control set to everyone, but if it was set to owner/group access then it would allow me to use the radio anyway. You probably want to remove this line!
  • Blacklists Doctor Evil (who I’m hoping doesn’t and never will exist on the grid). This means that they can never use the radio, irrespective of the access default.
  • Sets up a station called “RadioRadio” with the URL
  • Sets up a station called “Sanitarium FM” with the URL –
    please note however that LSL does not support dialog menu buttons over 12 characters in length, so this is trimmed to “Sanitarium F”.

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Howto: Texture UUIDs in Second Life

Driven by some of the searches bringing people to my blog, and the fact that I just put out a wildly popular freebie texture UUID extractor, I thought I’d write a howto on texture UUIDs in Second Life.

First of all, what do I mean a texture UUID? A UUID is a Universally Unique Identifier , so a texture UUID is a unique identifier for a texture. It can be used, via LSL, to set the texture on a prim without having the texture in prim inventory. I see the main legitimate use of this as allowing scripts to set textures on unlinked prims without having to pass the texture around (instead passing “by reference”). It does, unfortunately, also see a lot of use as part of Copybot and similar tools; if you can get a texture’s UUID, you can use it anywhere you like.

So how do you get a texture UUID? Well, LSL provides two methods for doing this; either get the key from a texture in prim inventory, or from a texture on the side of a prim. Both require full perms; on the texture if it’s in inventory, or on the prim if it’s got the texture on one side.

This is where my pet freebie comes in. Drop it, and full perm textures, into a prim together. Click your prim, and it will write out a list of the texture UUIDs, preformatted for inclusion in a script.



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